Caythorpe Cricket Club

Caythorpe Code of Conduct for Parents / Guardians

In the text below, any reference to parents applies to guardians, other family members and anybody else who is accompanying and supporting a child at Caythorpe Cricket Club during sessions and matches.

We expect parents will do the following:


  • Encourage children a nd provide a positive stimulation.
  • Respect the dignity and worth of the child and remember that they will make mistakes.
  • Respect the coaches, match and club officials – we are volunteers.
  • Listen to advice and instructions from coaches and try to follow up.
  • Reply to communication messages promptly.
  • Please arrive early or on time and if you are delayed, contact us.
  • Keep up to date via e mail and Facebook.
  • Remember that communication is a two way thing, we need your input and thoughts.


  • Support and encourage the team.
  • Recognise the performances of both teams and congratulate all good play.
  • Refrain from communicating with players and especially no shouting of advice or criticism to any player of either team.
  • Respect the views of captains, coaches and officials.
  • Remember that cricket is a team game, we win and lose as a team.
  • Offer to help on match day e.g. collect subs, score, arrange drinks, set up or clear the pitch.
  • If there is anything you may be unhappy about, please contact the coach afterwards and away from the team.

Caythorpe Sessions and especially Friday nights

  • Please offer to help, many hands make small work e.g. help with registration, collect glasses and return to the bar, offer to sell raffle tickets.
  • Take an interest in the progress of your child so that you can help them practice in between sessions.
  • Please seek out fellow parents and build up relationships, use the bar. We want the club to be a place for families.


  • We expect that the highest levels of discipline are exercised by parents and will not accept lapses below such standards. Should acceptable standards not be met, we will ask that parents do not attend.
  • There may be occasion where a child is disciplined. We ask that the decision is supported by the parent. In the event of an appeal, the club’s disciplinary and appeal process would apply.

Raising Issues

  • If possible and unless the issue is of a very serious nature requiring immediate action, we ask that issues should be raised outside of a training session or match.
  • Many issues and points that parents and guardians have will be low key and a prompt and timely conversation with the relevant coach or manager will resolve or answer the points raised.
  • If the issue is of a more serious nature or is unable to be resolved, then parents can contact a different coach, the Junior Co-Ordinator, Child Welfare Officer or member of the main club committee and the matter will follow the club’s overall code of conduct and ECB Safe Hands guidelines. Contact details are available in the club handbook, at the club house and on the web site.