Up until 2011, Caythorpe Cricket Club only provided coaching for children in Year 3 and upwards. Although there was demand for younger children to join, the club did not have the resources or skills to undertake coaching of younger children.

Following discussions, Little Wickets started providing coaching for children in Reception and Years 1/2. This started the relationship that we continue to have at Caythorpe CC and is now copied at oth- er clubs across the county.

‘The Ignition Stage’

The English Cricket Board describe the early stage of a child’s development in cricket as the ‘Ignition Stage’ – to ignite a life-long love of the game. Players should be provided with:

  • Fun
  • General movement and simple cricket skills
  • Game based learning opportunities
  • Simple tactical elements
  • A wide range of sporting and movements experiences

Pre-School Children

Although we can accommodate pre school children in Little Wickets, we ask that they must be able to be left on their own and join in each session without parental support or involvement.

When and Where?

Little Wicket sessions take place on Friday’s at Caythorpe Cricket Club. Registration starts at 6pm with the session beginning at 6.15pm. Registration takes place at one of the desks in front of the clubhouse. Each session runs for 45 minutes.

The sessions normally start in late April and continue through out the summer months, finishing as schools return for autumn term.  After the end of the season, we hold a presentation evening where all children who have attended Little Wickets will receive a medal.


Unfortunately, cricket is a game that is affected at all levels by the great British weather.

If it is raining or the ground is too wet, play is not possible because of either risk of injury or damage that might be caused to the playing surface. If it looks like or is raining , a decision whether Little Wickets will go ahead is made by 3pm each Friday . This allows us time to advise coaching staff.

We will post messages on the Caythorpe Cricket Club Facebook page to let parents know what is happening. This is a general message board that is used to let people know what is happening at the club.

We recommend you join our Face book page.

At times the weather fools us! On such occasions, the clubhouse will be open and the children welcome to play if supervised.

Your Child’s Development

All children develop at different rates and every year we have some children who stand out as being advanced at cricket for their age.

Little Wickets coaches point these children out to the club, and with the consent of the parents , these children are moved up to be with Year 3 children and Caythorpe coaches.

It is important that all our children receive coaching at the right level and we feel that experienced coaches are best placed to make this decision. It is also important to be achieving success in sport at this age , so if friends do want to stay together, they will remain in Little Wickets.

Summer Camp

Every year, Little Wickets run a holiday club in the first week of the summer holidays at Caythorpe Cricket Club. Leaflets will be handed out during the season or further information is available via

Where Does Your Money Go?

Most of your subscription goes towards paying directly for the Little Wickets coaches. We work closely with Little Wickets to ensure we have a safe child to coach ratio.

Any money left over goes towards maintenance of the facilities. A paid groundsman spends many hours a week keeping the ground looking as good as it does.

What Next?

When your child reaches Year 3, they will leave Little Wickets and join up with Caythorpe’s own coaches.

All of our coaches are unpaid volunteers. Most spend considerable time during the summer either coaching, running teams or attending matches. During the winter months, we also provide extra indoor sessions. Almost all the coaches are qualified to the highest level possible for coaching young children. Most are still playing cricket and a few have played at the highest level possible as amateurs.

When your child reaches Year 4, hardball cricket is introduced. This is the biggest step that the children will ever take in cricket and their rate of achieving success often drops off at this point. We provide hardball winter indoor net coaching to prepare them for the following season when they will be playing in the Nottingham Under 10 League. When girls leave Little Wickets, they can decide to either continue alongside boys of the same age or to go with our own dedi- cated girl’s group.

Who’s Who?

  • Simon Park—Caythorpe Junior Section Chairman
  • Peter Mansfield—Caythorpe Juniors U11 Organiser
  • Rachel Finn—Child Welfare Officer


Like any similar club, we always welcome volunteers either to help with coaching or to help run the club. Cricket experience is not es- sential. Please support your local club.

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